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Portugal wall art as an inspiration source for Lateral Objects Beach Towel Design by Stefan Beckman

Our colorful towels are made in northern Portugal not far from the city of Porto. Portugal, one of the oldest countries in Europe, was known for its sailors and explorers who brought back artisan sources of influence and inspiration from around the world.

The country has a long history of textile manufacturing going back 800 years. Most of the textile production factories are vertically integrated, meaning they can handle all aspects of production including spinning, dyeing, weaving and sewing. We value Portugal’s rich textile history and believe there is no better place for us to produce our products.

The industry’s plush and vibrant textiles are able to confidently express the graphic and bold pieces in the collection. This current collection is inspired by the bold pop of colors of California Art in the 1960s and the Supergraphic design movement of the 1970s.

For us, it is not a decision of prioritizing quality over aesthetic, but finding a way to develop a product that blends both. Choosing to produce our towels in Portugal insures that our towels both look and feel luxurious.

We take pride in the fact that human hands are present throughout the production process, from the initial sketches all the way through production. We focus on delivering a product that is made to last and brings brightness to the home or the beach.

Portugal originated Lateral Objects Beach Towel Design by Stefan Beckman

Lateral Objects Beach Towel Design by Stefan Beckman, made in Portugal


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